SMLC welcomes proactive coverage of alcohol and other drug issues through the media. For all media requests and interviews, contact SMLC Project Officer Sophie Bourchier and SMLC Media Advisor Kate Hill via the Contact Us page.

News Articles

Media Releases

SMLC Regional Summit hears more funding, service collaboration required
November 2023

Limestone Coast AOD Regional Summit returns for 2023
November 2023

SMLC supports Mount Gambier AOD rehabilitation facility proposal
July 2023

Sporting clubs host regionwide SMLC youth alcohol education campaign
March 2023

Return of Regional Summit in 2023
February 2023

Rethink your language around AOD use
September 2022

Permissive alcohol culture the target of region-wide Planet Youth campaign
August 2022

AOD insight revealed in region-wide Planet Youth survey
March 2022

Media Release - Mount Gambier AOD detox bed pledge welcomed by SMLC
January 2022

Media Release - Regional Summit outcomes
November 2021

SMLC hosts first Limestone Coast AOD Regional Summit
October 2021

Regional AOD service impact highlighted by SMLC submission
October 2021

Free AOD course returns to Limestone Coast
June 2021

AOD Agency experience revealed through survery
May 2021

Back-to-school Planet Youth resource for Limestone Coast parents
January 2021

Time For Change Campaign
October 2020

Pandemic impact explored through study
July 2020

Planet Youth survey results revealed
February 2020

Data from Planet Youth trial revealed
February 2020

Free AOD sessions for Limestone Coast
October 2019